Łukasz Piłatowski

IT passionate with a head full of ideas

About Me

Senior Software Developer / Data Scientist @ TEONITE.
IT is my passion since high school, that's why currently I'm having fun while I work.
My experience is mostly based in creating web applications, but currently I'm most focused on creating AI-based products.
I'm eager to share my knowledge with others, taking part in conferences as a lecturer, hosting workshops and writing blog posts.

Work Experience

Full Stack Software Engineer

TEONITE ( Jul 2016 - Present )

Worked on everything that would push my skills further - at first web applications, then database migrations, finally on AI-based products.

Java Backend Developer

BLStream Patronage ( Jan 2016 - May 2016 )

My first big application, with >50 other people involved and divided into many teams, with me being on the backend side. Finished with a great success and recommendations.

JavaFX Developer

Dinghy Software ( Sep 2014 - Oct 2014 )

First commercial experience in Java development. Learned how the process works and developed tools that aid the team

PHP Backend Developer

Dige ( Aug 2013 - Sep 2013 )

This is where I knew I want to be a professional developer. Created a fully functional blog application, thanks to the aid from other experienced developers

Community Experience

Rescuer and Board Member

Westpomeranian Rescuer Association ( Jun 2016 - Present )

Volunteer Rescuer, providing aid during large local events
As a board member, I'm responsible for web presence and IT related issues of the association.

Honorary blood donor

Regional Center for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment in Szczecin ( Apr 2014 - Present )

Donating blood and blood components.
I've been awarded an Honorary Blood Donor order in 2019 for donating over 10 liters of blood overall.

Event Organizer

Szczecin Java Users Group ( Jun 2016 - Jan 2019 )

Organized events for local Java community.
Invited interesting people to do the lectures and promoted events in social media

Latest Projects

janitor logo


Forestville allows you to help the nature in a direct and more personal way, removing the barrier of knowledge and abilities for planting the trees, leaving you with a pure joy from doing something good for all of us.

janitor logo

MLToolkit (a.k.a. Janitor)

Janitor is a multi-purpose AI tool. Goal is to make it a plug-and-play service which you can include in your app and utilize intelligent algorithms with ease. MLToolkit is a next-step from Janitor, changing it from single tool to set of multi-purpose AI tools.

di logo

Deep Image

Deep Image is a free online tool to enhance and upscale your images.

Deep Image
inspectr logo


InspectR app is an attempt to make writing tests a company competition - where projects are ranked based on their test coverage and performance and then presented in StarCraft inspired dashboard.

studybox logo


StudyBox is an application created during BLStream Patronage.
It helps people to learn new things by using flashcards and collecting them into decs.

Szczecin, Poland


HTML , CSS , Javascript , Python , Bash

Django , React , Docker , Git , Linux

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Coding Activity