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I swear, next time I’ll make a video, or even two.

One describing WebRTC greatness.

Second one showcasing Janitor in the state it is now - and there is what to show.

The main reason I don’t make videos now is that I’m not enough patient to find a free timeframe for it. As you can see, the frequency of the blog posts, and speed of development, went drastically higher.

In this “episode” (hah), I added ability to teach my application via webapp - and this one is pretty funny to do, since now I don’t need to do any SQL queries, like I used to do earlier, to change the recognized faces.

Basically, under the hood, the changes I made were not only for learning mode, but they set up event bus between peers, so that both browser and server can communicate using the same data types.

Next up - final fixes, experiments with liveness detection and deployment!