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Microbit is a really fun device. It allows you to grasp microcontrollers, having little knowledge about underlying architecture.

Together with one of my tutors, we created during the weekend two simple games.

If you want to run the games by yourself, buy at least one of the micro:bits first, then do two simple steps

$ pip install uflash
$ uflash main.py

If there are two files, like for example main.py and slave.py, you need two microbits, whereas one is master (showing the game), and second is slave (showing the counter). Then, flash them like

$ uflash main.py
# unplug first microbit and plut in second one
$ uflash slave.py

For the last video, you’d need to flash the same script to both microbits

Please find videos from the gameplay below (source code in the title link)

Catch or loose

Catch or loose (with counter)

Two player shooter

Let me know if you have any ideas on what other games can I develop on micro:bit.