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Summer - a perfect time to do a family trip

It’s an active time, and where is activity there also may be an injury. And if you want to avoid stress and take care of the wounds quickly - you ought to have a medkit with you.

There are plenty of them in the market, sites like Allegro contains dozens of shining and well photographed kits, where each one of them promises to be the best fit. A friend of mine asked me, since I’m a rescuer, which one would I choose. And the answer, as usual, is - “it depends”

I’m very sceptical about buying life saving items on the sites like Allegro. The retailers are often anonymous, even though each one of them have dozens of positive comments and large amount of transactions, you actually don’t know who you’re buying from.

Also, most of them are made for people with a little knowledge. Take an exaple - a tick remover is present in almost all of these medkits. People tend to think that if they go on a trip to a wooded area, there may be a risk of a tick bite. And even though it’s true - the best thing to do when tick bites you is to go to your clinic. If you remove it incorrectly, you may worsen your situation badly. This tool may be a supplement, and there are many more important items to fill your medkit with, that I would put this on the end of the list.

Therefore, at least in the polish market, I prefer to put my trust into real companies, like EagleMed. I purchased my medkit from them and ordered there a lot of items for my association. Prices are fair and the quality is a top notch.

Depending on your needs, I chose three sets:

  1. Medkit for a car

    This set is for you if your priority is to have a small and compact medkit, that would fit pretty much everywhere. It has a very good pockets placement, allowing you to access pretty much every item in it with ease.

    It’s downside however is that you cannot add anything to it - and, as you’ll find out below, we’ll need to add some items. The most important one is IceMix.

  2. First aid trunk

    You should consider this one if you’d like a small medkit which can be extended. Compared to the previous kit, this one is still compact and can fit everywhere. It’s better at capacity - you can easily add items to this medkit, customizing it to fit your needs.

    However, since it’s a trunk, the items in it are in complete mess, and there is no good way to keep them ordered or well organized, like it is in the former one.

  3. Complete medkit

    This set is a smaller version of the one I have in my car. It allows to organize your kit well and extend it with ease.

    Obvious downside is it’s size - it’s the biggest medkit from these three, but personally I think it’s still small.

Pick the one that best suits your needs. You may of course find yourself other ones, even those from Allegro retailers. The important thing is to have a medkit with you - even the best rescuer can do very little without the right equipment.

Additional equipment that I recommend you to have:

  • IceMix - a dry ice in spray, which is perfect for any types on injuries and helps to prevent the swelling. Just press and the targeted skin area will be cooled, without any weird chemicals included (it’s based on propane butane)

  • Non sterile gauze - the most useful item in the medkit, whereas I couldn’t find it in any prepared kit. They are a better and more robust alternative to handkerchiefs. Of course, they are not designed for wounds, but they are perfect for wiping your skin or applying IceMix or some gels.

  • Tactical stasis (cat 7 gen) - this one is optional due to it’s cost - around 100zł (~26 USD). But the thing is - it basically saves life. No matter how deep the wound is or whether you can or cannot stop the bleeding, this stasis will prevent one from bleading out to death. It requires no special training - you just put it above the wound and twist it as long as the wound bleeds.

And that’s all. I wish you to have a safe and happy holiday time, and that no matter which medkit you choose - I hope it will not be needed at all.